Wednesday, 21 July 2010

battant vous offre

this took awhile. a mix we did for telerama. skip the interview - it's in french and aside from one or two cat cries in the background, it's the music that matters

mix de la semaine

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


been away. seems like ages. little candy bracelet dangling off the arm - got sticky in the sun then shocked to pieces by a sharp scottish wind. the t is for tennent's, chloe.

so the rock with no roll ibiza, left me muddled enough to post the wrong link last week. albeit only for a second. but nothing gets buried by google and as eager as i am to shovel out content, telerama have yet to publish our mix.

but we're waiting. and working hard. and we'll be allowed to share it soon.

in the meantime, what i hear

is beats in space

(grammatically speaking).

Sunday, 4 July 2010

hmmm lost treasure

watching x files again. old habits/bad habits. the mind begins to wander mid another alien come government conspiracy theory. i started thinking about the long ago time. the time before some idiot stole my mac.

today i rediscovered a bit of a lost archive, a few bits of music from back in the mac glory days that had been lurking in my sent box. a lot of it was things that had escaped my ipod, stuff that i thought had gone the same way as the said mac. anyway. after trawling through a few files came a moment of serendipity. there it was, sent messages, attached file 'jolly_maties_intro.mp3.'

i'd hit gold; a little something chloe, ivan and i put together for a pirate themed children's cartoon named jolly maties.

recording this was one of the funniest afternoons of my entire life, which up to about an hour ago i'd completely forgotten about. i had to sit out of the studio during chloe's vocal take as every time she sang it i could not stop laughing and as a result nor could she. as we've been on a bit of a pirate/cowboy tip figured...

Thursday, 1 July 2010